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The best source for information about movies in general is the Internet Movie Database (visit the USA mirror site or United Kingdom mirror site). You can search for movies by title, director, actor, author, and more. Find all the movies of Shakespeare's plays, dating back to 1899.

If you want to stick with award-winners, consult this list of films that were nominated for Academy Awards (Oscars).

If you would rather have your own copies to watch over and over, Poor Yorick CD and Video Emporium offers a collection of tapes and discs dedicated to the Bard. For recordings of some Broadway performances, visit the Broadway Archive.

Look for audio and video recordings at discount prices from Order your favorites from the list below:

Twelfth Night Trevor Nunn's excellent production, starring Imogen Stubbs as Viola and Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia.
Romeo+Juliet Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, directed by Baz Luhrman. A modern setting that keeps true to Shakespeare's text (more or less). This is a great way to hook your teenage children on Shakespeare.
Hamlet Starring Mel Gibson, directed by Franco Zeffirelli. A fun version of Hamlet, edited to fit in the modern attention span.
Richard III Starring Ian McKellen, directed by Richard Loncraine. A modern setting and slightly modernized language makes this film more accessible to those with bardophobia.
Prospero's Books Starring John Gieldgud, directed by Peter Greenaway. The Tempest with modern video effects and a modern voice-over, but everything else is Shakespeare's.